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Thanks to a wide range of experience over many years, LIFT has deep knowledge of the airline industry. We take a holistic, strategy-based approach to design, developing ideas that help airlines boost loyalty and yield. And we build long term relationships of trust and friendship with our client and supplier partners. Clients include:
Icelandair   TBA
HK Express   Brand, livery, cabin interior and uniform design
Skymark Airlines   Cabin and seat design for A380 and A330
ORBIS International   Cabin styling and livery design for the new Flying Eye Hospital
LAN Airlines   Wow factor development in the customer journey
China Airlines   Cabin interior design for 747-400 (retrofit) and A330-300, airport lounge decorative element design
Philippine Airlines   Cabin interior design for 777-300ER
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines   Brand, livery, cabin interior ( 747-400) and inflight product design
IMDC   Brand design for the world's leading IFEC consultancy
LIFT is located in the center of hi-tech, trend-setting, ever-energetic Tokyo. Our location makes us one of the few aviation brand and design specialists in Asia Pacific.
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